About Us



PF Videos, located in Millville, Massachusetts, began in 1997 from my passion for filming fires and critical incidents and quickly grew to a full-blown production company.

Today, we offer video services for weddings, private events (parties, reunions), corporate events, school events, scholarships, etc.

We are experienced and have a passion for capturing real action and people in their natural state. We know what to look for when filming an event and will deliver an exceptionally edited, production quality DVD.

In addition to quality, we are focused on affordability.  No matter which package or video service you choose, you will obtain great value for your purchase. 


Our services are priced with today's economy in mind.  We understand that weddings, as well as many other events, don't come cheap.  That's why we give you the peace of mind that not only will you obtain quality and a great level of service, you'll also get it at a great price!


Matt Gregoire